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Back in 1931, a dairy farmer in Eastern Ohio, by the name of James L Webb, brought joy to the community when he opened his original ice cream stand on Route 193. There, he developed his time-tested recipes, kept under lock and key, which became the gold standard for what made Webb’s Ice Cream unique. As word spread of the deliciousness that was being packed into cones, Mr. Webb took the advice of his loyal customers, who thought he should move closer to town. Ten years after he sold his first ice cream cone, he moved his building to Liberty, Ohio and was able to reach a larger number of eager ice cream craving connoisseurs. 


Mr. Webb knew that it was of the utmost importance to hire only the most friendly and polite staff to attend to his faithful patrons’ needs. Over the next decade, this led to Webb’s being shaped by not only the flavors, but also the memorable employees which still holds value at its current location today! In the early 40’s, a young gal who lived by Mr. Webb in Vienna, by the name of Miss Consider, began working at his shop. As her name implies, she always took into great consideration the customers’ tastes when recommending flavors. When Mr. Webb realized he needed a couple more employees in 1946, he hired sisters Audrey and Carol Colbrunn, for 30 cents an hour. The two siblings lived just a stone’s throw away from the shop, on Logan Avenue. Audrey was a valued employee for 2 years, who always served ice cream with a smile. Her sister, Carol, who was also a valued employee, unfortunately had to be let go for flirting with the boys. The Fedder sisters worked at the shop in the 50s and enjoyed taste testing the ice cream, as well as making cones for customers. In 1955, a girl named Audean Patterson took a starring role at the shop. She came up with the spectacular idea of creating a blue raspberry flavored sherbet. It took some convincing on her part to get Mr. Webb to make the brightly colored treat, but Audean was a high spirited lady. She eventually persuaded him to create what would become one of the most popular flavors to date. It was the birth of Blue Boy Sherbet.

Mr. Webb sold his shop to John Ashbridge in 1971, who eventually opened another shop in Howland in the year 1983, which was sold in 1997 to Katie’s Corner. John also opened a Webb’s in the center of Champion. He owned the original Webb’s store until 1989, when he sold it to Cocca Development, who operated the ice cream shop in the Cocca’s Plaza for around 10 years. Katie Alexander and her sister were the 4th owners of Webb’s, with the help of Katie’s husband, Dr. Ted Alexander. They decided to close up shop in October 2007.

Webb’s Ice Cream was purchased in 2008 and reopened by father and son team, Tony and David Pitoscia of Hubbard. The grand reopening was on a beautiful summer day, July 25th, with a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the joy experienced by all that day. Tony Pitoscia was always at the shop with his son, making ice cream and exchanging stories with customers. Unfortunately, in April of 2014 Tony passed away, leaving the shop to his son and co-owner, David. David held onto the shop for the following four years. After those years, he had made the decision to sell the business to Jeff & Amy Misik, of Hubbard Ohio, starting January 1st 2019.


That following March, Webb’s Ice Cream was relocated to North Main Street in Hubbard, Ohio. The beloved ice cream shop became a family run business once again with both of Jeff & Amy’s children, Logan Misik (Ice Cream Maker; Team Member) & Kortni Misik (Team Member) working inside the shop. Webb’s Ice Cream became a hit in Hubbard! For the first time in Webb’s history, guests could purchase ice cream by the scoop! The popular “One Dollar Per Scoop” promotion at Webb’s continues to please guests daily! Later in the year, Webb’s Ice Cream officially celebrated its Grand Opening on September 22nd 2019 following it’s soft opening that March. Since Webb’s Ice Cream’s move to Hubbard, new features have been added to the franchise such as Webbstirs, Wicked Ice, Sherbert Rotation, Several Specialty Flavors, Catering, Ice Cream Pies, Social Media, and the Flavor Of The Month. The winter of 2019 was also the first time Webb’s had ever been open all season, thanks to its drive thru motivating customers to enjoy ice cream all year long! On September 12th 2021, Webb’s Ice Cream celebrated its 90th Birthday Celebration with a dunk tank, new flavors, food, music, special guests and more! Webb’s Ice Cream, now, has an established brand with a fresh modern touch while also staying true to its classic originality thanks to founder of Webb’s Ice Cream, James L Webb, and those who followed after his legacy. 

Amy Misik, current operator and owner of Webb’s Ice Cream, can be found daily at the small shop on North Main Street working the windows, making ice cream, and just about everything in between alongside her staff! Stop by and say “Hello”! You’ll be glad you came! With over 40 tempting flavors to choose from, there’s a flavor waiting for you!

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